For a more agile and sustainable engineering in Portugal

Ambassadors of transformation make all the difference

Since the beginning, Riportico’s main purpose was to deepen the use of technology to improve management processes. Making the most of the value of the company’s IT investments was our main goal. Hand in hand with the company, we created a customized Microsoft 365 Success Plan to transform IT practices and effectively manage the organization’s change.

The successful deployment of the recommended set of M365 integration processes and guidelines was only possible with the full participation of the company’s top management who acted as “ambassadors” throughout the transformation journey.

Success with proven certification

In collaboration with Venha Pra Nuvem, Riportico was able to have agility and standardization in processes, resulting in increased integration of the company’s workforce; and also, more productivity and performance in generating new projects with value, improving the Portuguese society and supporting sustainable development.

But the commitment and engagement of all 200 employees in the adoption of the M365 applications has clearly improved the effectiveness of the organization’s processes. As a result, Riportico Engenharia has just been awarded the TOP 5 Best SMEs of Portugal 2021 certification, which determines the best national SMEs in terms of performance.