Journey to Cloud with unquestionable success

Change in IT architecture as priority

Consolidated in the refractory lining and thermal insulation application market, Reframax decided to make a change in its IT architecture. The challenge was to create adoption strategies for more than three thousand fixed employees spread over 12 branches in Brazil and Argentina. The technical implementation and adoption of Microsoft 365 provided the company’s IT team with the best resources, guidelines and recommended practices.

Increase in productivity is synonymous with success

More than three thousand users were impacted by the adoption of Microsoft 365 with a smooth integration experience, in addition to the improvement and fast adoption of employees to meet customer needs efficiently and effectively.

With the mobilization of teams and greater agility, the company has expanded its service portfolio by providing competitive advantages and better project and application solutions focused on optimizing resources for its customers.

Commitment to digital transformation

Reframax initially used disintegrated tools that hindered the processes. It was only possible to accelerate the digital transformation by empowering all employees with productivity solutions and Cloud services that enabled them to do an even better job.

With M365, Reframax was able to improve its processes, enhance its performance, and certify values. The company took an important step by achieving migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001. The certification was a reflection of the organization’s involvement and commitment to digital transformation.