Building a cleaner, more sustainable world

Collaboration with agility and security

Driving a significant shift in technologies was a key challenge for Omega, Brazil’s largest renewable energy generator, to enable a mindset where collaboration, communication and the ability to find the right people would be indispensable. 

Initially, the goal was to configure M365 technologies and provide teams with SharePoint adoption to consolidate communication among employees in an agile and secure manner. 

Favorable scenario for exponential growth

To be successful, a comprehensive study of the scenario was necessary, which required more rigorous management to promote fast and intelligent interactions. 

Omega had a lean team of 210 highly qualified employees, operating through a consistent model of culture and high performance management to build a meritocratic, light, agile, ethical, and transparent organization, which facilitated the entire performance of the adoption. 

Towards transformation with sustainable energy

The partnership between Omega Energia and Venha Pra Nuvem is consolidated with the speed of knowledge through advanced content management, integrating employees and partners spread across the country and resulting in a unified and powerful customer experience for the market leader in clean energy.  

In addition to advanced digital experiences with customized forms and workflows and optimized daily processes, accelerating productivity and contributing to Omega Energia’s net revenue of R$454.9 million in 2021, up 45% over the same period last year.