Habib's Case Study

Habib’s is now fully Microsoft
It took five months to complete the complete migration of the entire physical data center to Microsoft’s infrastructure, but now all Habib’s services, systems and files are in the Cloud and can be processed and accessed remotely. This was the fundamental step in Habib’s digital transformation process. We are talking about speed in data processing and lower cost of operation.

The challenge
Habib’s challenge was to train 22 thousand employees, besides 430 franchisees, with new technologies and the right information for them to migrate to the Cloud and continue engaged in the company’s purpose.

Flexibility, security and intelligence with Azure
Flexibility was one of the reasons why Azure was chosen to be Habib’s Cloud where the company needed to provision resources and add services quickly during periods of hype. The scalability and flexibility that Microsoft provided was crucial to the company’s decision.

At this moment, the largest Arabic food fastfood chain in Latin America can count on the use of resources for data analysis and management with the ability to generate valuable insights for the conduct of the business through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

A cutting-edge digital transformation
In partnership with Venha Pra Nuvem, Habib’s technological environment is 100% Microsoft. This means that your entire application layer runs under IIS web servers, which receive and process all these transactions. Data is stored in SQL Server and Azure Cosmos DB databases. Habib’s operations now have greater storage and security capabilities, and the potential to implement a data-driven strategy.